New paper in Phys. Rev. Materials

We have had a Research Update “Polarized neutron reflectometry characterization of interfacial magnetism in an FePt/FeRh exchange spring” by W. Griggs, C. Bull, C. W. Barton, R. A. Griffiths, A. J. Caruana, C. J. Kinane, P. W. Nutter, and T. Thomson, published in Phys. Rev. Materials. You can view the paper online here.

Abstract: We report on the depth-sensitive, temperature-dependent exchange coupling in an FePt/FeRh thin-film exchange-spring structure. The depth-dependent in-plane magnetization is measured as a function of applied magnetic field and sample temperature using polarized neutron reflectometry (PNR). The magnetization profiles are interpreted in terms of the competition between anisotropy, exchange coupling, and dipolar coupling as the FeRh undergoes the magnetic phase transition from antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic ordering. The PNR data are combined with bulk magnetometry and x-ray characterization, allowing us to determine characteristic length scales over which the exchange-spring mechanism is effective at ambient and elevated temperatures.