Nano Engineering & Storage Technology Research Group

Dr Ernie Hill


Senior Lecturer
Director of the Manchester Centre for Mesoscience & Nanotechnology

Office: IT118 (IT Building)
Tel.: +44 (0)161 275 4552 (Internal 54552)



Research Interests

My research spans the general areas of sensors and magnetics with main interests in the areas of thin film sensors and magnetic measurement instrumentation.
Recent interests include:

  • Sputtering of permanent magnet materials with applications for magnetoresistor bias and magnetic storage media.
  • Observation and numerical modelling of the micromagnetic behaviour of thin films.
  • Design and modelling of low-power magnetoresistive sensors for low-field applications.
  • Integration of thin film structures with signal processing electronics for sensing applications.
  • Investigation of the use and production of hybrid thin and thick film sensors for gas detection.